What we’ve accomplished

1. Launch Advertisement at Times Square, NYC

 Child sex crimes are not an issue limited to South Korea. As this is a crime that takes place online, we need global attention and solidarity. To shout out to the world South Korea’s injustice and alert the globe of sexual abuse of children, we chose to launch our advertisement on NY Times Square as it is a symbol of publicity.

2. Crowdfunding Campaign for KEDO OUT Project

 In order to fund our advertising on Times Square billboards, we ran a crowdfunding campaign in July 2020 using an online platform similar to Kickstarter. A total of 4,586 donors in Korea showed their support, helping us raise 20M won ($17,000 usd) in just 5 hours after the campaign’s launch and raise 90M ($76,000 usd) in total, which is equal to 400% of our goal amount. Every one of us joined our forces together in order to achieve our mission. 

3. Hashtag Movement & Texting/Faxing Campaign

 On July 7, in order to publicize our campaign using Twitter's "Most Tweeted" ranking chart, we organized a hashtag movement using the hashtags #PedophileKorea and #Kedophiles. We ranked 23rd that night thanks to wide participation around the country.
 Also, on July 13, we ran a campaign that involved sending repeated text and fax messages requesting the passing of "Partial Amendment of Act on Extradition of Criminals" bill to politicians in the country’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee and floor leaders of various parties. If this bill is passed, it becomes possible for the Korean Court to reexamine Son's extradition request. It was reported afterwards that politicians had to deactivate their telephone numbers due to the endless messages they received, and work had to be suspended that day due to thousands of fax messages coming in.

4. Create and Share Infographics and News Illustrations

 KEDO OUT created various infographics and news illustrations in order to publicize this W2V incident on social media. Also, we published numerous posts on Korea's largest online forums to keep people interested in this issue, and were able to further communicate our team's mission and its significance through interviews with the country's top news publications.