A Korean national was arrested in March 2018 for operating the WORLD’S LARGEST CHILD PORN SITE named “Welcome 2 Video (W2V)” from June 2015. Through this site, he distributed 220,000 child sexual exploitation videos amounting to 8TB, and earned 415 BTC, which can be converted to over $4,000,000. His name was Son Jong-woo. 

 ‌ Korean Court rejects extradition request by the U.S. for the child porn site operator, Son Jong-woo

 In September 2019, the Korean Court sentenced Son to probation claiming that he is “young, showing remorse, is a first-time offender and some of the footage distributed in W2V were not posted by Son”. In April 2019, Son issued a report of marriage while his case was running in court, and finally in May of the same year, Son was sentenced to 18 months in prison by the appellate court. The United States tried to punish him appropriately by requesting his extradition; however, the Korean Court, swelled with pride, refused and instead released him back to society. 


Welcome 2 Video is the world's largest child pornography webiste, which operated for 2 years and 8 months from 2015 to 2018.

 The site consisted of approx. 1.28 million users, of which core users arrested were 337 men from 38 different countries, with 223 of them being Korean. The majority of these Koreans were sentenced to a fine of $1,700~2,500, which is a slap on the wrist punishment compared to the seriousness of their crimes. Only ten members, including the operator himself, have been prohibited from getting a job at children-related centers.

 W2V strictly notified its uses to  upload ONLY child porn through a banner that read "Do not upload adult porn" and the uploaded videos mainly involved sexual violence, physical violence, and physical damage. Most of the victims were girls in their early teens, with the youngest being a 6-month-old infant. A total of 250,000 sexual exploitation videos were identified, which amounted to 8 terabytes of data, and the number of downloads reached over 1million. 45% of these videos were exclusively distributed on W2V.

 The most horrid fact is that in order to use W2V, users had to purchase videos in cryptocurrency or produce and upload new videos in order to access other ones. In other words, the website was systemized in such a way that it can grow infinitely. Victimized children were repeatedly exploited under this system, and it also means that no children are and will be safe from this exploitation.

The World’s Involvement in the Incident

 Child sex violence is driven by the production and distribution of child porn. This is the reason why a severe punishment is needed for the posession or even consumption of child pornography.

 Child sex crimes are no more an issue affecting a single country. As it takes place online, its influence can spread all over the globe crossing border lines; it can happen anywhere. To summarize, the whole world - not only S.Korea - should pay close attention and make active actions on this matter.