KEDO OUT is a non-profit organization consisting of anonymous S.Korean women. We have gathered to publicize and criticize South Korea’s light punishment for child sexual exploitation crimes.

"KEDO" is a compound word and abbreviation of "Korea" and "Pedophile" that we invented in order to point out the negligence of South Korea's towards child sex crimes. As we wish to root out this issue and fight for justifiable punishiment, we decided our team name to be "KEDO OUT."


CUT OFF Child Sex Crimes, NOT HOLD OFF on Punishing Its Offenders Justifiably

 On July 6th 2020, South Korea rejected U.S. Justice department’s extradition request of the operator of world’s biggest child sexual exploitation website “Welcome 2 Video(a.k.a. W2V)”. The operator is now released as a free man after finishing an extremely short sentence of 18 months in jail.

 The victims need to be protected. The criminal needs to receive a reasonable punishment. However, in South Korea, this obvious fact isn’t quite being followed.

 To refine South Korea’s unacceptable punishment standards and weak legal structures, we seek to spread Korea’s current status to the world, and ultimately bring change through global attention and solidarity.